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InUrban Strategies provides a range of support to non-profits and small businesses.  Our members have a passion for creating new opportunities for small businesses and economic development focused non-profits

Bronzeville Sausage Co.

Premium Chicken Sausage


Mission Driven IT

Technology Services 

Bronzeville Culinary Kitchens

Shared Commercial Kitchen/Events

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packaged foods

The delicious chicken sausage you crave, because when you eat better you live better!

Bronzeville Sausage Co

Our Founder was dealing with Type II Diabetes and knew that it was time to change his diet to incorporate a healthier eating lifestyle into his daily routine. Knowing that eating healthier foods should not mean that one has to sacrifice flavor and fun in the process, our founder felt that he could come up with a great alternative to pork sausage options. After a year of trial and error, he created the perfect blend of taste and texture to create a delicious and juicy chicken sausage that has gained rapid market acceptance.

√NON-GMO, Gluten Free and Halal Certified

√Packed with Flavor

√Tender and juicy

√Non-pork Casing

√Proprietary Recipes

  • Premium Chicken Sausage
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  • Distribution in retail and wholesale channels

 Visit the Bronzeville Sausage Co. Website


Logo - Mission Driven IT

Technology services

Provides a wide array of services and solutions to help you keep your organization moving forward.

Mission Driven IT

We approach IT Services a little differently. We provide complete solutions and take ownership of the end result. We don’t waste time finger-pointing and blame-gaming. We make IT work by helping you develop solutions that solve problems. Then we hold everyone accountable, from the PC manufacturer to the Internet provider, to make sure your systems are available when you need them. That makes us a little bit different.

We started this company to support organizations that make our world a safer, healthier and happier place. Mission Driven IT. We make IT work for you!


  • Information Technology Services
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  • Focused on Mission Driven Organizations
  • Healthcare, SMB, K-12 and Non-profit

Visit the Mission Driven IT Website


Logo - Bronzeville Culinary Kitchens

food service/events

Helping food entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

Bronzeville Culinary Kitchens

BCK presents an opportunity for food entrepreneurs to work together and
increase the availability of fresh, locally produced food products in the City of
Chicago. The kitchens will be used by established and start-up caterers,
bakers, food truck operators and food product developers. Coming soon.

√Events, Weddings, Etc.

√Pop Up Restaurants

√Food as Art Events

√Cooking & Nutrition Classes

√Ghost Kitchen

Located at 436 E. 47th Street, Chicago, IL 60653. For more information or to join our waiting list email bronzevillekitchens@gmail.com

  • Food Service/Events
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  • Focused on underserved communities
  • Healthy Food Options


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Business Incubator

We invest in early stage, minority & women owned businesses.

InUrban Ventures

InUrban Ventures is our innovation and incubation company. In addition to creating our own enterprises that focus on solving problems in today’s marketplace, InUrban Ventures is constantly seeking investment opportunities in seed and early stage companies with an emphasis on minority and women owned companies. Examples of these new ventures include Bronzeville Culinary Kitchens and Mission Driven IT. In addition, we made a significant investment in the Bronzeville Sausage Company to add to our growing portfolio.


  • Early Stage Companies
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  • Minority & Women Owned Businesses
  • Food, IT Focus